Open Textbook Network Created at U of M

The high cost of college textbooks is always a worry for students.  And that financial burden can have an impact on grades.

A program created at the University of Minnesota is saving students all over the country millions of dollars.

University of Minnesota junior Lizzy Grewach admits she delays buying expensive textbooks to make sure she really needs them, and it can hurt her grades. “Sometimes it does because I wait until like a week or two into the class,”she said.

David Ernst is Chief Information Officer for the College of Education and Human Development.  In 2012, he helped create the Open Textbook Library at the University of Minnesota.

“We realized that students are negatively impacted by the costs of their materials. They do worse in class. They don’t take as many courses,” Ernst said.

“An open textbook is funded, published, and licensed to be freely available and flexible, “Ernst added.

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