Bookstore Textbook Price Matching Meets an Mobile App

Let’s face it: textbooks can be expensive.

According to the College Board, college students spend between $600 and $1,400 on textbooks each year. Multiply that by four years and, well, you don’t have to be a math major to realize that’s a lot of money.
The good news is this: If you already know what courses you’ll be taking next semester, you can save a good chunk of change by taking the time to shop around for the best price.

Many campus book stores  are trying to compete with online book sellers through online and in-store price matching of textbooks offered by local competitors or online vendors like Chegg and Amazon.

To take advantage of textbook price matching you need a easy way to look up the online vendors prices without having to jump around to dozens of websites. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mobile app on you iPhone or Android phone to quickly gather the cheapest prices. Well, there is such a app. Enter the ISBN and get all the online sites lowest price. The iPhone app is a web-app, nothing to download. Simply point your browser here. Android users can get a dedicated app here.